Pear Mill Offers More

24-hour access and extensive free parking for all.  The Mill is the ideal location to connect with local business hubs and the outside world.

The Perfect Home for YOUR Business

After the cotton mill ceased trading the Grade II listed building underwent a multi-million-pound renovation to the inside which provided a new lease of life.

Today, with brands both big and small taking up residence to work alongside one another. It’s now a cornucopia of services and products that would tempt any shopper !

24-hour manned security + CCTV
FREE ample car parking for tenants & visitors
MULTIPLE SERVICES: Our tenants offer access to on-site gym, play centre, café + many more…
Heavy load bearing floors
Close to Vernon Park recreational area
THREE LIFTS: 1x Goods 2x Passenger
FULL FIBRE Broadband provides saturated internet coverage

At the entrance to Pear Mill stands the 24/7 manned security lodge and home to the Lee Mar Estates Office. Small packages can be delivered here if tenants are not available.

Extensive FREE parking surrounds the entire building. Plenty of space for employees and customers alike. Outlets such as “adidas” and “Vintage Emporium” attract many visitors to site.

Serviced by one goods lift and two passenger lifts. The grounds are well maintained and the space itself, benefits from fluorescent lighting and good headroom.

The former cotton mill was built for heavy industry with broad service roads suitable for large vehicle access and tailboard loading.

Lifts open to spacious floors ideal for pallet lifts to transport stock to individual units. Solid heavy load bearing floors (with ¾ and ½ ton capacity).

The building is suitable for even the heaviest of industries, however units are used for multiple purposes. From office space to large warehouse facilities.

No matter how spacious the unit, Wi-Fi access points provide saturated broadband coverage throughout. No longer will employees and customers complain of internet black spots.

The Mill recently received Government funding to upgrade the internal infrastructure to Full-Fibre Gigabit Broadband. Tenants benefit from ultra-fast speeds and an enterprise grade phone system.

The building is beautifully maintained with some highly polished floors which will impress any visitor. The spacious areas are ideal to fulfil Covid guidelines.

Many units are used for sport and leisure activities. Activities ranging boxing gyms to pole dancing, all of which offer privacy and security to guests.